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I mesh technology with creativity
to create new opportunities
startup ideas.

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This is me

. Web3 expert (blockchain, NFTs, DAOs, Tokenomics, Data Interoperability)

. (Digital) Art Curator & Collector

. Combining innovative artistic solutions with the latest technology

. Thriving communities of creatives and innovators

Business Strategy  Advisory

Web3 Public Speaking  Art Curation   

Networking    Fundraising  

Artist Management

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I advise companies & individuals in launching & scale tech ventures.

I support large organisations, small enterprises and individuals in designing new business ideas. From complex business models involving innovative technologies such as blockchain or AI, e-commerce and physical products, I guide them through the concept and the operational set-up to execute it.

Through a wide network of trusted professionals, I can design, build and test new ideas in a given market to validate the efficiency of your idea.

I also consult on branding, strategy and operational design structure, implementing lean methods to make your organisation runs smoothly and efficiently.

I do provide you with the resources to scale and accelerate your company providing access to a technological and financial network of resources such as acceleration programs, public grants and scholarships, VCs, and private investors.


I manage international artists and advice innovative tech startups to provide artistic solutions

My goal is to connect and support the development and growth of the best startups in AI, Data, Blockchain, Mental Health, VR, AR, Metaverse, gaming. 


I empower and educate artists in discovering the potentiality of new technologies, onboard them into those and set strategies to operate in the brave new tech world.

I provide creative, artistic technological solutions to private spaces, entrepreneurs, corporates.

Clients &


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